Are you a wine lover? This article will tell you all about the ten best wineries in Lebanon!

The 10 Best Wineries To Visit In Lebanon

Are you a wine lover? This article will tell you all about the ten best wineries in Lebanon!

Lebanon is famous all over the world because it is one of the oldest wine producers in the region. Up until recently, Lebanon’s wine regions mainly consisted of the Beqaa Valley and Batroun. However, as time passes, more and more regions are joining the list of wine producers. 

This development means that if you’re on a wine tour in Lebanon, you’ll have plenty of places to see and visit. So, let’s see what the ten best wineries in Lebanon are!

1. Chateau Belle-Vue

This winery is also home to a bistro and a boutique hotel which you will have quite a lot of fun in. The owners are a couple who were the owners of the original Belle Vue Hotel which was destroyed during the Lebanese Civil War. 

The nostalgia and the air of luxury will allow you to have the time of your life at this organic winery that has won the approval of even the harshest critics.

2. Chateau Musar

We know Lebanon’s wine history goes way back and this operation is a testament to that. This winery was founded in 1930 and the quality of its products is so great that Conde Nast Traveler ranked it among its list of the fifteen best Rosé producers in the world. 

3. Château Kefraya

Château Kefraya, located in Chouf, is one of the prime examples of how small-scale businesses can produce excellent products. Their wines are well-known and well-loved so if you pass through Chouf, don’t forget to take a tour through the Château and sample a glass of their excellent invention. 

4. Sept Winery

The Sept Winery takes a newfangled approach to winemaking that includes biological processes in the making of the wine. It’s the very first winery in Lebanon that works on the biodynamic principle. The owner uses traditional Lebanese recipes with a little bit of a modern taste, making it an exquisite combination of the old and the new. 

5. Karam Wines

The unique story behind the success of Karam Wines is that its owner was actually an airline pilot. He quit his lucrative career because of his love for wine and opened Karam Wines in 2002. It has won quite many accolades and has changed the landscape of traditional Lebanese wine. A visit there will include a wine-making lesson, so make you pay attention!

6. Coteaux Du Liban

This winery is located in the Lebanese hillside and will make a very enjoyable experience for wine lovers. You’ll also be happy to learn that their wine-tasting tours are free of charge! All you need to do is book a week in advance because spots fill up rather quickly!

7. Mont D’AlmazAre you a wine lover? This article will tell you all about the ten best wineries in Lebanon!

This region’s harsh terrain makes it ideal for producing Mont D’Almaz’s well-loved red and white wines. The winery is indeed the main attraction, but you can also hike up the nearby trails to reach Lebanon’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and explore the region nearby. This winery is the only one in the region that produces Malbec, so if you fancy a tasting, now’s your time!


Do you want a combination of excellent food, scenic views, and maybe even an acoustic concert or two? Try IXSIR! It is one of the highest wineries in the world, so it’ll provide you with an exquisite view of the Batroun region of Lebanon in addition to serving great traditional Lebanese food and tasty wine.

9. Domaine des Tourelles

This winery is one of the oldest in Lebanon because it was created by a Frenchman in 1868. He fell in love with the Bekaa Valley and decided to make it his home and that of his business. Since then, generations of the owners have been running this highly successful enterprise. 

For an air of history and nostalgia, make sure to visit the amazing Domaine des Tourelles.

10. Chateau Ksara

This winery is one of the oldest in Lebanon and it has the distinction of being one of the most successful as well. The winery exports its products to over forty countries and it attracts over 80,000 visitors every year. It was founded in 1857 and has found a way to become one of the most beloved wine producers in the world. 

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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