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Best spots for skiing in Lebanon

Lebanon has diverse landscapes, scenic beauty, and enjoyable spots for skiing. Here are some of the best areas to ski. Read Here!

Best spots for skiing in Lebanon

Skiing is a social sport and an excellent way to expand your social skills, enjoy the adrenaline-fueled activity, have fun, and create memories. Not only is skiing an adventure activity, but it also improves your health. If you are visiting Lebanon, we recommend visiting the best spots for skiing.

Lebanon has rich geography, picturesque scenery, and diverse landscapes. Beirut, a party city with lush beachy spots, is just a few hours’ drive away from one of the Middle East’s best and most popular ski resorts. You can fly to these ski resorts in Lebanon in a flight with affordable charges.

Lebanon is now called the Switzerland of the Middle Eastern countries because of its beautiful landscapes and modernized technology. Over six skiing resorts, snowboarders, and catering to skiers in burgeoning skiing in Lebanon. If you are an adrenaline junkie or a family-friendly person, the skiing experiences in Lebanon await you to provide optimal services. Read on!


Laqlouq is located between Cedars and Mzaar valleys with an altitude ranging from 1,750 meters to 2,000 meters. Although it lacks certain developments, the snow is ideal for cross country and alpine skiing.

It is about one hour and 15 minutes drive from Beirut with a total distance of 69 kilometers. As it is located between two other advanced resorts, you can decide to visit Laqlouq for a day while staying at Cedars or Mzaar.

Faqra Club

Faqra Club is another best resort in Lebanon. It is quite a popular place for ski lovers. It was established in 1974 and is one of the most advanced resorts with tennis courts and heated pools. Apart from skiing, you can indulge in other snow sports such as snowshoeing or snowboarding.

The Faqra Club is surrounded by monumental structures and ruins, which signifies the scenic beauty of this resort. Faqra club is located at a distance of 45 kilometers from Beirut and only takes an hour’s drive.

Qanat Bakish

Qanat Bakish is the oldest establishment founded in 1967 with the first ski lift. The skiing slopes here remain less crowded, but many visitors come to sightsee the bulge of snow. Besides the snow sports, Qanat Bakish is a highly preserved spot despite being an old establishment.

In addition, It is located near Faqra ski resorts and will only take an hour and a half drive to get there from Beirut. The hotels in Qanat Bakish have maintained the retro aura of decorations, so you shall expect to see a not so modernized but very culturally beautiful building. It is one of the best locations for skiing sport to date.

Cedars Ski Resort

The Cedars ski resort is a modern establishment located about 130 kilometers from Beirut. Located in the northern regions of Lebanon, the journey to Cedars is long and beautiful.

On your way to Cedars, you will cross many villages like south Tripoli, Kousba, Hadet, and Tourza. The Cedars resort is no less than a dream of a lover. Its beauty enchants its visitors with lush green forests covered in thick white. The Cedars resort offers a friendly and safe skiing experience for beginners.

Mzaar Kfardebian

The Mzaar resort is considered the biggest skiing resort in Lebanon and the Middle East. It is roughly about an hour’s drive from Beirut. As Mzaar is a top-rated resort in Lebanon, it lives up to its hype. The high altitudes of skiing spots with more than 2,465 meters of elevation are found only at Mzaar resort.

One of the country’s highest and most challenging slopes for skiing is at Mzaar. It has a wide range of skiing slopes for beginners and professionals. Mzaar is also home to the Intercontinental Hotel with refuge lifts that take the visitors high up to the dome du Mzaar, approximately 2,365 meters higher above sea level.

Final Words

Lebanon is home to some of the world’s best skiing spots, allowing locals and tourists to enjoy thrilling, adventure, and adrenaline-fueled activity. In addition, Lebanon has areas for skiing, allowing families to enjoy mountain time and create memories. These skiing resorts or spots in Lebanon will mesmerize you and complete your trip. Until Next Time!


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