Top 10 hiking spots in Lebanon

Top 10 hiking spots in Lebanon

Unlike other countries in the Middle East, Lebanon has versatile and diverse hiking spots, allowing you to have fun and immerse yourself in nature. Read here!

Hiking is beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing. It increases blood circulation in your body and prevents you from chronic health conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, type-2 diabetes, and depression.

At the same time, hiking is an adventurous activity that soothes your soul and connects your mind, body, and spirit. If you want to open your chakras and enjoy picturesque views on your trip to Lebanon, we recommend the following ten hiking spots. Read on!

1. Baskinta

Baskinta is a beautiful and the highest village in Lebanon. The place is famous for its scenic views, striking atmosphere, and moderate climate. Hiking in Baskinta is the dream of many people to enjoy the natural environment.

The village offers a nine-kilometre route starting at a memorial garden and sending at the house of Suleiman Kettaneh, a famous writer and poet. In addition to hiking, you can enjoy mountain biking and take photos of natural and serene views.

2. Balou’ Balaa

Balou Balaa, also known as Baatara Gorge Waterfall, is one of the best hiking spots in Lebanon. The place is located in Tannourine, featuring an eye-soothing waterfall from a height of 255 meters into the Balaa pothole. Enjoy the Cave of the three bridges with incredible limestone geography in the natural wonderland. Balou’ Balaa is undoubtedly the best hiking destination for locals and tourists.

3. Al-Shouf Cedar ReserveMountains in lebanon

Al-Shouf Cedar is Lebanon’s most prominent natural reserve that stretches from Niha Mountain in the South to Dahr El-Baidar in the north. The natural reserve covers 550-kilometre squares of area, boasting cedar forests of Ain Zhalta and Masser El-Shouf.

Hiking between the lush-green cedar trees in a dense forest is genuinely mesmerizing. However, you must bring hiking gear to get the most out of your activity and explore various species of flora and fauna safely.

4. Qadisha Valley

Qadisha valley is between Zgharta and Bcharre districts in northern Lebanon. The valley is located at the foot of the beautiful “Mount Al Makhmal” with naturally mesmerizing Qadisha River, making it a perfect place for hikers to spend some quality time and enjoy their adventurous excursions.

5. Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve

Although Horsh Ehden is a small nature reserve, it is one of the most beautiful places for hiking in North Lebanon. Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve features diverse remnant forests with millions of cedar trees. Not only is this place the natural and cultural heritage of the country, but it also has various hiking trails, allowing you to walk through the Juniper forest.

6. Cedars of God

The Cedars of God is a picturesque area near the Qadisha alley. It holds historical significance, natural beauty, and plenty of rough hiking trails. You will love walking under the shades of cedar trees in the extensive forest.

7. Darb El-Mseilha

El-Mseilha is a beautiful hiking trail located in the north of Batroun city. It has a long and narrow limestone rock near the El-Jawz River, boasting striking natural beauty. The place offers an excellent opportunity for hikers to enjoy picturesque surroundings on the way to the Mseilha fortress. Thanks to the natural beauty and cultural heritage, hiking in Darb El-Mseilha will soothe your heart and connect your body and spirit.

8. El-QammouaaHiking in lebanon

El Qammouaa, Fnaydek Village, Akkar District, is one the most beautiful area with a lush green forest, allowing for hiking between thousands of years old trees. The most common species found in this area are oaks, cedar, and juniper.

9. Al-Qoubaiyat

Al-Qoubaiyat offers several adventurous hiking trails in the Akkar Governorate, Lebanon. The flat internal roads in Al-Qoubaiyat stretch 41 kilometres, making them perfect for walking, jogging, running, cycling, and hiking. Although there are many trails, we recommend taking the J’aime Ma Foret route to enjoy natural views and picturesque sceneries.

10. Chouwen Lake

Chouwen Lake is an exquisite hiking area featuring rich flora and fauna and diverse species on the bank of striking Ibrahim River. It is one of the most scenic places for hiking on the north side of Jabal Moussa Reserve.

Although there are several trails and walkways in the area, if you want to enjoy something dramatic and adventurous, take the trail to Ibri village. It is a ten-kilometre steep uphill and downhill trail with scenic sceneries in the surroundings.

Final Words

Hiking in Lebanon is fun and an excellent travelling experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the country’s natural reserves for a day. If you want to get rid of the crowded and vibrant city atmosphere, head to any of the spots given above to enjoy serenity and peacefulness.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.