Best spots to watch the sunset in Lebanon

Best spots to watch the sunset in Lebanon

Watching the sunset is healthy, fun, soothing, and relaxing. But, what are the best sports to watch the sunset in Lebanon? Here is what you need to know!

Top 5 spots to watch the sunset in Lebanon

Sunset is a source of inspiration for everyone, including writers, poets, romantic couples, families, friends, singles, etc. Sunsets offer a powerful and timeless experience with so much spiritualism, naturalism, positivity, creativeness, healing, and restorative effects on one’s life. The mystical colours at the time of sunset are genuinely soothing, allowing you to immerse in the natural beauty.

A growing body of research evidence shows that watching the sunset has a therapeutic effect on one’s body and creates a better sense of gratitude toward Mother Nature. There are hundreds of places in Lebanon to watch the sunset, but no place will give you mesmerizing experiences than the following spots. Read on!

1. The Chekka BeachBest spots to watch the sunset in Lebanon

The Chekka is Lebanon’s most famous beach, boasting a beautiful sandy coast and crystal clear water that looks even more striking at sunset. The beach attracts hundreds of locals and tourists every day to enjoy beach time with their families and friends. Likewise, it is an excellent spot for capturing photos, especially sunset.

The Chekka Beach is located on Lebanon’s northern coast, a place that must go on your bucket list if you want to relish the peaceful and magical dusk. Taking a long walk by the beach in the evening will revive your soul and soothe your heart. Missing the sunset is like preventing yourself from making beautiful memories.

2. Mount Lebanon

Mount Lebanon is a mountain range that crosses Lebanon from north to south along the Mediterranean Sea, creating geographically diverse and breathtaking views. The place is famous for exceptional panoramas and sumptuous sunsets.

Get to the Jounieh and watch the breathtaking sunset with soothing water waves flowing below you. The essence of the most soothing sunset is the cloud layer, and Mount Lebanon is a perfect place to experience this every day.

3. White Beach

The White Beach is Lebanon’s tropical wonderland and a paradise for tourists, thanks to the sparkling blue water, clear white sand, cool breeze, and clean environment all around. If you want to unwind and relax by the seashore, make sure to get here in the afternoon and stay there until after sunset.

Sunset in lebanon

The sunset creates mesmerizing scenery on the beach, creating a perfectly calming and soothing atmosphere for you to see the mystical colors in the sky and listen to the sound of crashing waves.

The White beach is located in Batroun, a coast with white rocks, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only will you enjoy mouthwatering food in the nearby restaurants, but you will also head to the beach a few minutes from the sunset to immerse yourself in the natural scene and relax your soul.

At sunset on the White Beach, you will see the red/yellowish light traveling through greater distances and creating warmer cues. Nothing is more beautiful than experiencing the crashing waves and fire-like colors in the sky.

4. Byblos Port

There are plenty of things to do and places to see in Byblos. These include walking the beautiful public park, visiting the old souk, going to the ancient Roman theatre, exploring the majestic Saint Charbel Tomb, and munching on the local Lebanese pastries. However, if you want to watch the sunset, head to the Byblos Port, a genuinely hypnotic and mesmeric place to see the sun slipping below the water.

5. Capitole, Beirut

Capitole, Beirut, is a rooftop destination famous for watching sunrises and sunsets. If you want to get the most out of your experience, make sure you reserve your spot before the sunset. That way, you can relish the sunset and immerse yourself in the golden/pink rays.

Capitole is a perfect spot for romantic couples, Instagram-lovers, and even families, giving them calming, beautiful, soothing, and life-changing moments of the sunset. In addition, a cool, fresh, and clean breeze will open your nerves and let you unwind and relax.

Final Words

Sunsets create positive psychological effects on the mind, allowing you to enhance your serotonin, a hormone that produces better, positive, and happy feelings. So, if you are visiting Lebanon and want to relax, drive to one of these spots to watch the sunset and make your worries go away. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.