Best spots to go on a date in Lebanon

Best spots to go on a date in Lebanon

Choosing the best spot to go on a date in Lebanon is not easy because of so many places. Check out this post to know the best dating spots!

Best spots to go on a date in Lebanon

Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the Middle East, offering scenic beaches, world-class infrastructure, lush-green mountains, centuries-old heritage sites, delectable food, versatile music, bars, and lounges.

Do you know Lebanon has some of the best dating spots for romantic couples? Date nights in Lebanon primarily revolve around a pleasant ambiance, dim lights, and mouthwatering food. It is also about sitting in bars and lounges with romantic background music.

Dating is an essential step in establishing a romantic relationship. So, if you are a local or tourist and want to date someone you are interested in, these are some of the best spots to go on a date in Lebanon. Read on!

1. Deir El Qamar

Deir El Qamar is one of the most historic and gorgeous towns in Lebanon. The town is famous for its old houses, mosques, paved streets, culture, and food. The best thing to do in Deir El Qamar is to walk through the winding streets, giving you and your partner a captivating and mesmerizing experience.

2. Liza

Liza is one of the most famous restaurants in Beirut. Thanks to its beautiful interior décor, serene atmosphere, and delectable dishes, it has earned an excellent reputation over the years. There is no other place better than Liza to go on a date in Beirut.

Liza is located in the old Beirut home, creating a fantastic ambiance for dating couples and romantic partners, thanks to its fancy interiors and stunning décor. You will love eating local and continental food in a warm and peaceful environment.

3. Tawlet

Tawlet is a paradise for romantic couples and people who want to go on a date in Lebanon. It is a famous restaurant with qualified cooks and chefs who make delectable dishes with mouthwatering flavors.

So, if you want to impress your date, make sure you invite them to Tawlet. Not only will you love the modern interior and breezy ambiance, but you will also relish the scrumptious buffer in the afternoon. The staff is friendly and may suggest to you the best dishes to entice your date.

4. Baalbek

Baalbek is one of the best spots to go on a date in Lebanon. While you can explore the Roman ruins of Baalbek yourself, we recommend taking a guided tour if you want a successful date. Don’t forget to taste wine with your date in local bars. You can also visit the Tabliyit Massaad in Zahle for more enjoyment.

5. Mayrig

Mayrig is another spot to go on a date in Lebanon. It is one of the best restaurants in Beirut, known for its outstanding service and delectable food. The warm, serene, and relaxing indoor ambiance make it a perfect dating place. If you or your date loves Armenian dishes, Mayrig is a fantastic choice to consume flavorful, spicy, and fresh food.

6. Babel Baywindows on a street in lebanon

Babel Bay is a chic restaurant in Beirut, offering flavorful and delicious dishes made of fresh ingredients. Babel Bay is a perfect spot for romantic couples to enjoy delectable food in a private environment with fabulous décor and a serene interior. If you love seafood, visiting Babel Bay and eating fish with your date is the best thing to do in Lebanon.

7. Sursock Museum

Sursock Museum has a stunning exterior of the Ashrafieh’s old castle. However, when you enter the museum, you will see a modern interior with exquisite décor. So, this makes the Sursock museum one of the best spots to go on a date in Lebanon.

We recommend exploring art exhibits of Europe, paintings, artwork, artifacts, sculptures, and ancient relics. We believe seeing these together is an excellent way to impress your date. Once you have seen the interior and explored the artwork, head to the on-site café to enjoy coffee or tea with your date.

Final Words

Dating is one of the most important steps toward finding or choosing a person you will live with for the rest of your life. Not only does dating help you understand each other, but it also encourages you to communicate effectively and see your relationship progress toward engagement or marriage. Although Lebanon has many places where you can go on a date, nothing is parallel to those given above. Good Luck!

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