Best Cycling routes in Lebanon

Best Cycling routes in Lebanon

Cycling is not only fun, but it is also a healthy activity for your overall well-being. Here are the best cycling routes in Lebanon to make your trip memorable!

Best Cycling routes in Lebanon

Cycling is a thrilling and adventurous activity, allowing you to run your bike at an adrenaline-inducing pace. It is a low-impact exercise that does not cause strain and injuries in your muscles if you learn and practice the proper techniques.

There are many places in Lebanon where you can enjoy cycling. Although you can ride a bike on the street, some areas have dedicated cycling routes, allowing for a memorable experience, especially for tourists. Read on!

1. Qornet El-Sawdatrees in lebanon

Qornet El-Sawda is the best cycling route in Lebanon because it lets your cycle up toward the highest peak in the country. Although the path is pretty difficult for beginners, if you want to relish the stunning views of Lebanon’s Bekka Valley and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Mediterranean Sea and Northern Syria, we recommend visiting the place and participating in the adventurous activity.

2. Saydet El Nouriyeh — Chekka

Saydet Al Nouriyeh, Chekka, allows cycling along the scenic coastline with beautiful sea views and a relaxing environment. While the route is a little challenging with bumps, you will enjoy the overall experience.

You don’t have to be a professional cycler to ride a bike on the Saydet El Nouriyeh route. Cycling here allows for exploring the area from a new perspective. The local government has made substantial efforts to introduce more cycle lanes in the area. So, hop on your bicycle and go for a spin.

3. Bekaa Valley

Bekaa Valley is famous among locals and tourists who want more relaxation and less adventure. The valley offers state-of-the-art accommodations and facilities for a more leisurely and relaxed ride.

One thing that will amuse is the cycling through smaller towns and exploring their culture. Bekka Valley has numerous small and medium-size shops where you can rent bikes. So, if you are a tourist and looking for excitement, head to the ultimate cycling destination in Lebanon – the Bekaa Valley.

4. Hamra

Hamra is one of the best cycling routes in Lebanon. Although Beirut lacks quality cycling lanes and routes, riding through the alleyways of Hamra is an excellent way to relax, unwind, and explore the local food and culture.

We recommend stopping for a cup of tea or coffee when cycling through the beautiful alleyways in Hamra. Numerous online groups offer bicycling excursions in Hamra. Likewise, if you are an environmental enthusiast and want to explore the city in an eco-friendly way, hope on your bicycle and cycle through Hamra. You will love the abandoned buildings, friendly people waving at you, and the alleys.

5. The Cedars of GodCedars of God

The Cedars of God is one of Lebanon’s most popular tourist destinations, offering various activities to do and places to see. The Cedars of God attracts professional cyclists and tourists during the winter season.

Beautiful roads allow you to explore the area in freezing temperatures. So, this gives you more fun and adventure. Cycling through the snowy hills and exploring the Cedars of God’s beauty create memorable experiences. Don’t forget to drink hot chocolate to warm your body and boost your neurons at small kiosks on the way.

6. Zandouka to Beit Mery

Zandouka to Beit Mery is a famous cycling route offering entertainment, fun, and leisure. The easy route, riding lightweight bikes with a smooth ride make the experience much more fun in the relaxed, breezy environment.

You will enjoy the stunning view of the Beit Mery with increased excitement and fun. Not only can you rent bikes, but you can also rent safety gear to ensure safe, luxurious, and memorable cycling in Lebanon.

Final Words

Lebanon is a one-of-a-kind country in the Middle East, offering something for everyone. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this country to enjoy various attractions, including lush-green mountains, caves, beaches and relish delectable food.

However, the country also offers cycling lovers unique, picturesque, and adventurous routes. In addition to these routes in Lebanon, you can find a wide range of mountain hills and passes to ride bikes in a fantastic atmosphere.

We recommend looking for a bike tour service for a smooth and reliable experience. That way, you will create memories and enjoy adventurous activities you will remember for years to come. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.