Best Coworking Spots in Lebanon

Are you looking for the best coworking spots in Lebanon? If yes, you are in the right place. Check out this post to get the most practical information!

Best Coworking Spots in Lebanon

Freelancing requires a workplace with little distraction to optimize work efficiently. Cafes are great places to work but are often noisy and heavily crowded. Therefore, many coworking places are now established in Lebanon.

These coworking spots provide members with a less noisy and less hectic environment. Free Wi-Fi and refills of freshly brewed coffee create an ideal space for workers, allowing them to attain a focused mind that maximizes work quality.

Most people prefer renting personal and confined offices, but coworking spots offer a working environment where you can be a part of a community. They also organize different events where members can connect and enhance their social skills by getting to know each other well.

Working in a familiar environment improves the quality of work collectively. The following spots for coworking offer different plans and expenses. If you are looking for the best coworking spots in Lebanon, here is everything you need to know. Read on!

Beirut Digital District

Located in the Bachoura region of Beirut, Beirut Digital District is a working spot facility aided by the government. In addition, this District is the most popular and innovative startup in the heart of Lebanon.

The startup was successful after receiving funding from the central bank of Lebanon, which contributes a total revenue of $400 million to invest in new startups. Many incubators, startups, and VCs opened in Beirut Digital District. This working spot offers reliable internet with a sufficient speed of 40mbps.


Regus is an international coworking facility and has several branches in Lebanon and all the world’s major cities. You can benefit from their services by tapping into their global network of different locations.

However, the timings are not flexible as the locations close off after 5:00 pm. The charging amount was upgraded to $1=8,000LL from $1=3,900LL to adapt to the country’s economic changes.

The Koozpace

The Koozpace is a fun space for working as it has very flexible timing. It does not close off until 9:30 pm on weekdays and is open till midnight on Saturday. Sundays are usually off.

The charges begin at $130, which is entirely justifiable as it contains short-time living spaces, pools, and gyms. If you need a short break from working, you can always blow off some steam in gyms or take a dip in the cold water of pools.


The 961Offices is a local but modern working space established in Lebanon. The popularity of this place is getting higher due to exemplary services like fiber internet and no electricity blackouts. They offer different rooms for work depending on your need. You can book a private booth, a large workshop for teamwork, or a single seat in joined coworking spots.

The services extend to an unlimited supply of beverages with top-notch views of a mountain where incredible sunsets occur. It is open 24/7 with a friendly environment and no hustle and bustle. Also, high-end licensed security is hired to ensure your safety in case you happen to work late.


The Servcorp specializes in providing many diverse working spots depending upon your choice. You can pick among booth seats to comfortable leather sofas, sitting openly at a bar for quick coffee refills to working quietly in your mini office.

The Servcorp understands the importance of privacy and thus builds booths with soundproof walls where you do not have to worry about your private calls, meaning you can maintain your privacy.

Moreover, if you are a team player, this workspace will allow you to experience sharing ideas with your peers in a professional environment. The cowroking spot stands out among other sites as it provides additional business support services that are unlikely to be found elsewhere. For instance, Servcorp allows you to use their address to conduct your business for mail and telephone purposes.

Final Words

Coworking spaces allow people to work in a comfortable environment. When you work in one of these coworking spaces in Lebanon, you exposure yourself to creative people and gain new perspectives. That way, you can streamline your project. Moreover, these coworking spaces are efficient, cozy, and reliable, allowing you to enjoy working at the most affordable costs.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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