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How to make Lebanese Potato and Beef Stew

How to make Lebanese Potato and Beef Stew

Lebanese potato and beef stew are among the best dishes to try for lunches and dinners. The unique thing about this recipe is that it is easy to make and more delicious than the typical beef stew because it contains the flavour of fresh cilantro and garlic.

Unlike many other dishes, Lebanese potato and beef stew is a rich source of nutrients, including flavonoids, antioxidants, and minerals. It improves your digestive system and controls your blood sugar levels. The potatoes used in this dish are gluten-free. Let us tell you how to make this mouthwatering dish. Read on!



  1. Add eight cups of water to a stock pot to boil
  2. Make a paste of garlic and cilantro in the food processor
  3. Drizzle vegetable or olive oil in a large skillet
  4. Next, add 1/3 of cilantro and garlic
  5. Add the beef cubes to the cooked cilantro-garlic paste
  6. Toss the browned beef cubes in the boiling water
  7. Cook on a low heat for two hours until the meat is tender
  8. Peel and rinse potatoes
  9. Add potatoes to the paste and ensure they are browned on all sides
  10. Add the tomato paste, salt and pepper, and lemon juice to the pot
  11. Cover the pot and cook the potatoes on a medium heat
  12. After cooking the potatoes, lade serving of broth and meat into a bowl
  13. Garnish the dish with chopped cilantro
  14. Serve the dish with a side of rice, radishes, and lemon wedges
  15. Enjoy Lebanese potato and beef stew with your family
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